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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: 28th February, Raman Tries To Kill Shagun!

Raman decides to go for a DNA test to know who actually Ruhi’s father is. He manages to collect Ruhi’s hairs and goes to a clinic. But when he is about to give his own blood sample for the test, he remembers the child’s face, her lovely nature and his family’s attachment with the child.

He thinks even if Ruhi is not his child, he and his family has been attached with her for so many years. And now Ruhi deserves the love of this family. He cancels the test and takes the hair sample back.

Ishita notices that Raman is not back to home till 1 AM at night and his phone is also unavailable. Raman forcefully enters into Ashok’s house and straight goes to his bedroom. He shouts on Shagun and says that he will kill her for destroying his life. Shagun somehow manages to free herself from his tough grasp and locks him inside the room. She calls Ashok and says that she must call the police. Ashok advises her to do something else.

Ishita becomes surprised to get Shagun’s call so late at night and becomes more surprised to know that Raman is at her place. Shagun tells her that Raman is still madly in love with her when she does not like his existence in her life. Shagun also says that she has not called the police, only to save the honour of Ruhi and Ishita. Ishita drags a half-conscious Raman from Shagun’s bedroom.

Coming back to home when Ishita wants clarification for the incident, Raman takes out an envelope from his pocket; it is the envelope that carries the sample of Ruhi’s hair.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

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