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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: 30th June; Raman Breaks Ishita’s Trust (Pics)

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th June written episode: Romi takes money from Toshi saying that he is having a bad stomach pain and needs to do clinical tests. He tells the same lie to Subbu in office. Subbu tells him to take a day-off. When Mihir questions Romi, he misbehaves with Mihir.

Due to a sleepless night, Ishita rises late in the morning. Raman looks at her sleeping face and utters that he is not able to face her any more. He prepares Ruhi for school and takes her to school. It is the first day of the new session.

Shagun dresses in salwar suit to impress Raman and attends Adi’s school. She avoids Ashok’s proposal of spending time with her. She vows to create distance between Raman and Ishita.

Bala meets Raman and insists on going to the Iyer house with him. Bala goes to meet a teacher. Raman sees Shagun and tells her that he will go to a lawyer. He avoids Bala and waits for Shagun in his car.

Ishita comes to the school to see Shravan and Ruhi. She sees Raman and Shagun in the car. She calls Raman and asks him where he is exactly. Raman starts fumbling. Shagun forbids him to tell anything to Ishita. Raman avoids Ishita’s question and misbehaves with her.

Shagun sees Ishita behind the car and plays a trick. She tells Raman that she is not able to take out the seat belt. When Raman is trying to do it for her, Ishita sees Raman being close to Shagun, and misunderstands the situation.

Raman’s car starts. Shagun gives a shrewd stare at Ishita.

Raman - Ruhi

Since Ishita would not be able to sleep the previous night she would over sleep the next morning. Raman would get Ruhi ready for school.

Shagun Gets Ready For Raman

Shagun would get ready for Raman like the way he use to like her before.

Ishita Finds Raman

Ishita would find Raman outside Ruhi's school. She would approach him.

Shagun Would Reach Raman

Ishita would find Shagun reach Raman and get into the car with him.

Ishita Calls Raman

Ishita calls Raman and asks him where exactly he is.

Raman Dodges The Question

Raman would dodge the question and would not answer.

Shagun Sees Ishita

Shagun sees Ishita standing behind the car and watching them. She plans to hurt her more.

Shagun's Plan

Shagun would ask Raman to assist her with the seat belt.

Ishita Misunderstands The Situation

Shagun's plan succeeds when Ishita does misunderstand the situation.

Raman And Shagun Leave

Raman and Shagun leave leaving Ishita hurt and feeling betrayed.

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