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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: 9th June; Raman, Ishita Realise Romi Din't Cause Madhavi's Accident (Pics)

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th June written episode: Raman warns Param that he should stay away from his family. After he expels Param, he bursts on Romi. He compels Romi to confess the truth.

Police comes to the Bhalla house and says that Raman has told them to come, to arrest Romi. Raman comes soon and says that he was having some misconception ad there is no need to arrest Romi.

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Police says that they cannot abruptly withdraw a charge sheet. Pathak comes and saves Romi, producing some legal papers. Ishita becomes shocked seeing that Raman is supporting Romi. She openly says that she is upset. Mrs Bhalla requests Ishita to forgive her son.

Raman tells Romi to tell the things to Ishita, what he has told him. Romi comes to Ishita and tells her that he could not answer her questions on that day as he was already scared of some other case.

Romi explains that he had sex with some girl who called him and informed that she was probably pregnant. He became relaxed only after he was confirmed that she was not pregnant. He tells Ishita that he is not responsible for Madhavi’s accident.

Ishita refuses to forgive Romi and goes to her father’s place. Raman tells Romi that he can stay in the Bhalla house only after the Iyers forgive him. When he comes to the Iyer house, Mihir becomes violent.

Mr Iyer controls Mihir and sends Romi back. Mihika refuses to forgive Romi. Ishita opines that when he has realized his mistake, he should be given at least one chance. Mr Iyer starts thinking who can be responsible for the accident, if Romi has not done it.

In some garage, a car mechanic makes a phone call and informs someone that he has completely changed the get up of the car, that has caused the accident!

Pammi comes to the Bhalla house and proposes that the naming ritual for Simmi’s baby should be done soon. Toshi and Ishita become enthusiastic. Simmi refuses to do it in Param’s absence.

Raman Warns Off Parmit

Raman would warn Parmit not to dare interfere in his family matters.

Raman Corners Romi

Raman would corner Romi and demand him to give some explanations.

Asks About The Accident

Raman would demand him tell the truth about the accident. When he says he did not cause the accident, Raman would demand how he could have done such a thing to Mihika.

Romi Explains

Romi explains to Raman that he accepts his mistake about Mihika. He says he did it on impulse and in anger over Mihir. But he also says he did not cause the accident.

Police Come For Romi

Raman would have called for the police before he knew that Romi did not cause the accident. He then would get Romi a bail.

Romi Back At Home

Though everyone would be angry with Romi with his doings, they would still remain angry. Ishtia too would not accept his apology for all the pain he caused her family.

Romi Explains To Ishita Too

Romi would explain to Ishita too that he did not cause the accident and that he was at a hospital at the time of the accident. He would have got a girl pregnant and had to be there to deal with it.

Ishita Shocked At Romi

Ishita would be shocked to know that he has caused so much pain for so many people and still is OK with his behaviour.

Raman Punishes Romi

After everything Raman would declare that Romi is allowed to stay in the house only after he gets Mihika's forgiveness.

Romi Apologises

Romi would apologise to Mihir and Mihika. But they would be in such a shock that they would not be able to forgive him ever,

Who Caused The Accident

But the question still remains who caused the accident if it was not Romi.

Madhavi's Accident

Madhavi's accident would be caused by someone who would hire this man to hide his car.

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