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Diya Aur Baati Hum: Shekhar Talks About Settlement; Bharat Angry

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Diya Aur Baati Hum's September 30th episode: Sooraj roams around the brick prison at night. A man tells him that visiting the place is prohibited. Two Garjana men see them and cross. They tell Sooraj that a temple is to be built in the place, so nobody is allowed to come near it!

Bharat is tensed to see that there is no clipping from Sooraj’s camera. He thinks whether it is a network problem or Sooraj has been caught by the terrorists. However, he visits the Minister’s office to discuss his anti-terror blue print. The Minister smiles and tells Bharat that there is no need to fight against the Garjana!

Diya Aur Baati Hum: Shekhar Talks About Settlement; Bharat Angry

Bharat is quite shocked. The Minister calls Shekhar inside to shock Bharat even more! Shekhar comes and greets the Minister and Bharat. He says that he has come on behalf of the Garjana, for a settlement with the Government. He wants peace, declares Shekhar.

Bharat taunts Shekhar asking how his evil mind can ever think of a positive step! Shekhar says that IPS Sandhya Rathi has taught the Garjana that nothing will come out of terror, while peaceful discussions can solve a number of issues! Bharat retorts that Shekhar is lying!

In the Rathi house Meenakshi sees Bhabho buying bridal sarees and ornaments. She cannot suppress her curiosity. Bhabho says it is for ‘Sooraj’s wife’, who is coming to the house after Sooraj’s re-birth.

Sooraj takes a basket of jalebi and visits each and every house of the village, with a view to checking whether Sandhya is staying anywhere. Obviously, he does not find Sandhya. He pays his last visit to the house of Bade Raja.

Chote Raja takes the jalebi and runs with it. Sooraj follows him. The child comes to the brick prison and tries to pass the jalebi through the small ventilator. Sooraj helps him and asks whom he is giving the sweet. Chote Raja keeps mum, as it is the order of the Garjana not to talk with outsiders about Sandhya.

The smell of the jalebi tells Sandhya that it is made by Sooraj. She becomes hopeful!

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