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Swaragini: Ragini Calls Swara-Lakshya To Park; Swara Gets Kidnapped In Front Of Lakshya

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In Swaragini, Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar) is back in action. She will get back to her previous avatar, to prove Swara wrong. She will now want to destroy Swara (Helly Shah) and Sanskar's reputation again with the help of Lakshya (Namish Taneja).

This time Ragini has taken a step forward, and to gain the both Gadodia and Maheswari families. sympathy. She will attempt suicide during the Durga Pooja and fake a memory loss.. While everyone in the house believes her, Lakshya is hell-bent on proving Ragini wrong.

SPOILER ALERT: Swaragini: Not Sanskar, But Lakshya To Save Swara; Ragini Provokes Lakshya To Commit Suicide!

Every time, Lakshya tries to remind Ragini about the past to clarify things, Ragini fakes a headache and falls unconscious. The doctor who was treating her would have also warned the family to take proper care of Ragini as any such attack could be dangerous for her health!

Kumkum Bhagya, Swaragini, Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi... TV Shows Major Twists On Karvachauth - PICS

We are not sure whether the doctor has been bribed to lie. But Ragini takes advantage of this situation as everyone in the house will act normal as they want Ragini to get well soon. Swara too, would think that Ragini is not acting this time and is worried about her sister's health.

During Karvachauth, Ragini forces Swara to observe fast for Sanskar (Varun Kapoor). Ragini tells Swara that if she doesn't keep the vrath, she will be compelled to think that Swara still loves Lakshya.

While Ragini observes fast for Lakshya, Sanskar decides to fast for Swara, who also keeps the vrat for him.

Both families' couples will be seen doing Pooja together. But while breaking the fast after seeing the moon, Sanskar almost faints, as he was fasting too!

Lakshya will also be jealous seeing Sanskar's love and care for Swara. Seeing Lakshya diverted by Swara, Ragini feels jealous too.

Read the story and the spoilers in the slides...


On seeing Lakshya's hatred for Ragini, the latter decides to ruin Swara, who is responsible for this. Whenever Lakshya asks Ragini to clarify things, Ragini fakes headache and falls unconscious. The family members decide to take Ragini to Maheswari house for her recovery. They even asks Swara to join them as they want to create the previous situation.


During Karvachauth, Ragini forces Swara to observe fast for Sanskar, else she would be forced to think Swara still loves Lakshya. Sanskar asks Swara not to fast, but he himself keeps fasting for his love Swara. The ladies in the house, will be seen following the Karvachauth vrat, when Swara and Ragini take elders blessings.

Karvachauth In Maheshwari House

The couples of the house will be seen together in the terrace. They will be seen breaking the fast seeing the moon. But, Ragini finds that Lakshya's concentration is somewhere else. Lakshya stares at Swara, who is busy with Sanskar. Ragini is annoyed with this and decides do put an end to this.

Lakshya Jealous

Just when everyone were breaking their fast, Sanskar almost faints. Swara holds Sanskar and gets to know that Sanskar too, was fasting for her. In the upcoming episode, Sanskar will be seen serving food for Swara. Seeing Sanskar and Swara closer, and Sanskar's love for Swara, Lakshya gets jealous.

Ragini Calls Swara

Ragini will disappear from the house and Swara gets to know this. Ragini calls Swara and Lakshya to the park, where Swara will asks Lakshya to take care of his wife and her sister as she is unwell. Lakshya will then tell Swara that Ragini is still acting and her memory loss is fake

Lakshya-Swara In Park

Lakshya also tells Swara that he loves her a lot and wants to get back to her. Swara gets annoyed with Lakshya's behaviour and tells him that her sister is his wife and she can never think of loving him. Lakshya promises Swara that he will bring Ragini's truth out.

Lakshya Takes Swara's Promise

And if Lakshya proves to Swara that Ragini is faking again, she will have to marry him. Swara accepts Lakshya's challenge and agrees to marry him if Ragini is fake. Just when Swara leaves the park, she will be kidnaped by few men in a car. Lakshya runs to save Swara but in vain.

Swara Kidnapped

In the upcoming episode, Lakshya and Sanskar will go together go in search of Swara, but according to the spoiler Lakshya will find her first. Here, Swara and Lakshya will also be seen sharing some close moments, and Ragini who is following Lakshya will click their intimate pictures and plan to show to the family. Well, what will Sanskar do? Was Ragini behind this kidnapping incident? Stay locked to this place to know more...

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