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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Was Karan Mehra Kicked Out Of the Show?

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Karan Mehra, who plays the role of Naitik on Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, has quit the show, owing to health issues. But there are reports that the actor was kicked out of the show. Post his exit, Karan had sent a heartfelt video message to his fans through his social networking account.

In the video, Karan has thanked all his fans for the love they have given to the character Naitik. The actor even said that he will come back afresh, but now, he needs a break. He also added that post his exit, people might talk nonsense! Karan's wife Nisha Rawal has also come in support of her husband. She wrote a lengthy message on Facebook saying, how loyal and hardworking her husband is, in spite of his ailing health.

Check Out Nisha's Reply To Those Who Said Karan Was Kicked Out Of The Show.... (PS: Only a few statements from her FB message has been taken)

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Was Karan Mehra Kicked Out Of the Show?

But, what grabbed our attention was Hina Khan and Rajan Shahi's messages on social networking sites. Hina wrote, "Thrs a saying"AN IDLE MIND IS DEVILS WORKSHOP AND IDLE HANDS ARE HIS TOOLS" ppl hv no wrk and are jobless since ages." The message also had a snapshot of Rajan Shahi's message, "It's sad when people can't speak directly and thru not needed platforms others who are not connected to YRKKK speak so much when not needed (sic)."

Hmm... the messages are quite cryptic.

Hina received a message from her fan (@goyal_sona) which said, "Was any name mentioned? 🤔 @eyehinakhan..." and a picture message that had, "Chillax yaar Hina di didn't say anything against any fan, she respects ur emotions...Rajan Sir n Hina di mentioned it 4sum1 who is not even part of Yrkkh, and is bulshi**** about other actors in the show what do u know b**** jobless :/ Karma will speak (sic)."

The actress replied, "Well thank you for understanding what we actually meant🙏😇 #relaxguys."

It has to be recalled that although Karan and Hina weren't friendly off-screen, their relationship did not reflect on-screen. Recently, at the 9th Boroplus Gold Awards, the duo won the Best Jodi award, as well.

Karan's exit has definitely left his fans heartbroken.

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