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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: 15th January Written Episode

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th January written Episode: Raman’s mother becomes much excited to know that Raman’s client is visiting their place. She starts the preparation of Lori with great enthusiasm. Raman’s father is pleased to see her happy.

Shagun argues with Ashok and she becomes determined to go to London with him. Ashok does not agree with her. He says that she must stay at home and look after Ruhi. He tries to make her understand that she must win against Raman in the court case. Shagun says that she cares least about Ruhi. She wants to leave Ruhi in Ishita’s care and go to London.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

At clinic Ishita and Ruhi spend a long time. As Ishita fails to reach Shagun by phone, she decides to take her to their housing complex so that she can meet her grandmother. As Ishita arrives at the housing premises, she discovers Raman’s client and his family. She understands that she has to pose as Raman’s wife again. The client’s wife becomes much excited seeing Ishita. They enjoy the festival a lot. The Punjabis sing and dance around the bonfire.

As Ishita’s mother sees that Mrs Valla is making grand preparation for Lori, she too decides to prepare laddus and distribute them among the neighbours. When she distributes the sweets she requests them to vote for her husband in the committee election. Bala accompanies her in everything.

Raman’s mother and sister become angry to see Ishita and Raman together. Mihir somehow manages the situation. Ishita’s elder sister sees Ishita with Raman. She hears the client’s wife referring to Raman and Ishita as a sweet couple. She reports the fact to her mother. Ishita’s mother becomes agitated to know this.

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