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Bhai (U/A)

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25 Oct 2013


Bhai is a romantic comedy entertainer, in which Akkineni Nagarjuna and Richa Gangopadhyay in the lead roles. While Tamil actor Prasanna and Sonu Sood playing ...
  • shiva 2 years ago

    Movie is nice entertainer

  • vindya 2 years ago

    baboi em movie asalu movie ela cheyabudi ayindi.story kani characters kani em bagaolevu .nagurjuna meru inka youth anukuntunara yepudu nenu chala young ani feel avutharu mi face lo age yepudo vachindi and mi age thaga movies cheyandi sir miku dance lu enduku andi manaku rani pani enduku sir

  • rajath-bhatia 2 years ago

    This film is a total waste of name, money, energy and beauty of our lovely Star Nagarjuna. The director has completely failed to capture the beauty of the locales, elegancy of the movements of nagarjuna and heroine. Though there is richness in the screen, but there is no such timing, elegancy, style, comedy, etc. in the film. The heroine was also not shown on the screen in a any beautyful way. Totally, there is no chemistry worked between the hero, heroine, director, photographer and in all the departments of the film. This film is a total disaster for Nagarjuna fans like me.

  • rakesh 2 years ago

    glamour meeda movies hit avvavu nag.. ala anukunte anni heroin movies mathrame aadatayi.. kasta story lo vishayam undali.. underworld don hyd streets lo antha free ga tirugutada..?? think few times before accepting the story.. pls. dont fool ur fans.. they keep many hopes on u and ur movies..

  • devan-raju 2 years ago

    Super Nag your style is soooo nice

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