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Nagarjuna's Emotional Speech At Manam Sangeetham

Telugu actor Akkineni Nagarjuna turned very emotional and as spoke about his late father Akkineni Nageswara Rao (ANR) at the Manam Sangeetham, a celebration of the movie, held in Hyderabad on May 19. Continue to read Nagarjuna's emotional speech at Manam Sangeetham:

Nagarjuna said, "I want to congratulate Anoop Rubens as Manam is his 25th film. I am very about it. He has given fantastic music for the movie. Director Vikram Kumar has put in lot of effort and delivered a wonderful product. Thank you Vikram. Cinematographer PS Vinod, scriptwriter Harsha, art director Rajeev and all other members of Manam team have worked with lot of love on this project. I thank all of them."

"I am bit confused over whether to feel sad or happily celebrate the film. I am happy that the movie has come out very well. Meanwhile, I am sad that I can't work with my father after this film. I don't understand what to do on this occasion. This celebration of Manam is very dear to all of us. Generally, celebration of a movie will take place after its release, but we are doing it before the release of Manam."

"ANR is a legend in acting. His first film was released on November 22, 1944. He passed away on January 22, 2014. Manam is premiered on May 22 and released in theatres across USA on the same date. This is a magic of numbers and this is magic of ANR. From 1944 to 2014, he had 70 years of glorious filmy career in 100 years of Indian cinema. He has made us cry, laugh and love him. He has found a permanent place in the heart of Telugu audience."

"During his last birthday on September 2013, a reporter asked him, "three generation actors have worked together in Manam, are you thrilled?" My dad replied, "I won't be thrilled as I am acting in it. It is viewers, who will be thrilled to watch us together. I don't know whether anyone will be thrilled or not, but me and Chaitanya will definitely feel it. After I became actor, I realised his greatness as an actor. Manam is his last film and it is not only me, but everyone, who worked in it are lucky. They should be proud to be part of it. I am proud of it."

"ANR was not only a legendary actor, but was also a complete man. When I saw him serving my mother, I realised that he is a good husband. The kind of love and affection he had for all his grandchildren show me that he was a good grandfather. Despite his body getting week due to cancer, he was energetic. In the last months, he created a bonding in all the members of my family. I don't know how he did it, but he has given me that strength. The day he breathed his last, we sobbed a lot not because he died, but because we lost his love and affection, which we wanted to enjoy few more days.

"If I go on talking, there won't be any end to his story." Showing the picture of ANR laughing in Manam, he recalled the moment of shooting that scene in the film. With tears in his eyes, Nagarjuna said, "We shot this scene on the last day. My dad said to smilingly "Don't worry. I am there looking after you forever."

As he ended his speech, Nagarjuna left everyone with tears. Continue to slide to see the photos of Tollywood celebrities, who attended Manam Sangeetham.

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