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Chinna Cinema - Movie Review

Debutante AK Kambhampati is an NRI, who has given up his job to purse his dream of filmmaking. His passion, dedication and hard work are clearly visible in his debut directorial venture Chinna Cinema starring newcomers Arjun Kalyan and Sumona Chanda in leads. Although the movie has unique theme, AKK has failed to execute it on the screen.

Chinna Cinema is a romantic comedy film with a beautiful message to the society. Its comedy quotient is its main attraction. Lead actors' performances, the director's wonderful script and funny dialogues, Praveen Lakkaraju's music, beautiful picturisation are other highlights of the movie. The dragging narration is its one big drawback.

AK Kambhampati has chosen a wonderful concept, which has not been used by anyone in such a big way. Chinna Cinema is about unselfish donations and how some greedy politician misuse them for their selfish reasons. The director runs this concept through a movie within a movie. It is not only satirises politicians, but also a few people belonging to other walks of life.

Although he is debutante, the director has an amazing grip over the tempo of Chinna Cinema, which has a racy narration in the first half. He runs the whole show in the first half in an interesting way with a couple romantic songs and a few rib-tickling comedy sequences. But the movie hits a rough patch in the second half, where its narration turns damn slow and a few dragging scenes might even bore the viewers.

RJ Ghajini is an aspiring young director, who wants to make a small budget movie with Rs 2 crores. He approaches producer Daange (Prithvi), who asks him to narrate the story to movie reviewer Sri (Vennela Kishore). His story is about Ramudu (Arjun Kalyan), who moves to the USA in search of a job and joins a grocery shop. His father (Surya) is an ardent follower of Bapiraju (M Balayya), who runs a special orphanage called Ramalayam, and he tries to help Ramalayam with the money sent by his son. But a greedy politician tries to take over Ramalayam. What happens to Ramalayam will form the rest of the story.

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Chinna Cinema – Movie Review
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