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Oka Criminal Prema Katha - Movie Review

Director Sunil Kumar Reddy is known for his realistic films like Sontha Ooru and Gangaputhrulu. He explored the romantic crime thriller genre with Oka Romantic Crime Katha, which got him good response from the viewers. The filmmaker is now back with yet another crime thriller titled Oka Criminal Prema Katha, which is extension to his previous crime thriller. He has retained the same cast and crew for the film, which has released in theatres today (July 18).

While Oka Romantic Crime Katha was about sexual abuse, Sunil's latest venture Oka Criminal Prema Katha addresses several other domestic issues faced by youth. Oka Criminal Prema Katha is an experimental movie and the director has blended this message-oriented subject with some entertainer values. His sole intention is to attract youngsters and college goers. So it may not impress family audiences.

Sunil Kumar Reddy has penned an interesting script for Oka Criminal Prema Katha, which oozes out some kind of freshness in terms of its story. The movie is about an innocent assistant cameraman, who becomes a criminal after falling in love with a girl. The film film exposes how how youth commit some wrong deeds to satisfy their girlfriends. It also shows how youth express their anger through violent methods like acid attacks and rape.

Oka Criminal Prema Katha does not offer any direct message to the audience. Indirectly, the movie shows that the parents, who are the first role models to their children, are responsible for the kind of behavior the youth have. The parents should teach their offing about sex, death and how to respect woman. Though the director has tried out something different, but he has failed to give a convincing picture on screen. Continue to see Oka Criminal Prema Katha pictures in the slide-show.

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