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Dhanush's Anekudu Movie Review: Watch Out For Brilliant Performances!

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With the recent super hit, Raghuvaran Btech, Dhanush has once again kick started his trails to strengthen his market in Telugu land. Did Anekudu help him out in the journey? Check out the review of Anekudu to know.

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Plot: Dhanush played a character of happy go lucky person who works in a private organization. His colleague, played by Amyra Dastur falls in love with him the moment she sees him. Not being able to understand how a good looking girl can fall in love with him so easily, Dhanush doesn't consider her love seriously.

Amyra Dastur, who tries to understand the reason behind her new found love for Dhanush realizes that her relationship with Dhanush goes a long way back. Yes! Anekudu is a story of incarnations.

Stories from each life have been narrated in an interesting manner and each finds it traces in the other. How the couple finally reunite by linking all the threads and beating the odds form the rest of the story.

Performances: Dhanush once again excels in all his roles. As expected, he carries the entire film and has given his 100 percent in doing so. Amyra Dastur has done a decent job as a fresher and managed to win some brownie points.

Aishwarya Devan is another debutante in the film and she plays an interesting role and has done her job brilliantly. Yesteryear actor Karthik doesn't have enough screen space which comes across as a surprise and yet he impresses with his charm. Ashish Vidyarthi was good at what he has been offered.

Technical Aspects: Director K V Anand seems to have got inspired from many incarnation stories that has ruled celluloid for decades. One can find many traces of the old classics but still he was able to give a touch of his own.

The role of main protagonist of the film, played by Karthik, appear to have inspired from another incarnation story, Om Shanti Om. With Magadheera and Manam being recent super hit incarnation stories in Telugu, the comparisons and the similarities tickle your minds at times.

Thanks to the cinematographer Om Prakash and visual effects specialist Srinivas Mohan, visuals in this movie looks absolutely stunning. Screenplay by KV Anand and Subha is a tad too revealing and confusing at times especially in the second half but KV Anand's unique way of narrating a story makes up for the average screenplay.

Editing by Anthony was commendable. Songs and background score by Harris Jayaraj sounds cliched at times. His sound mixing has worked really well and is apt with the visuals. Overall, Anekudu is a technically sound movie.

Overall View: Anekudu is definitely a good attempt by KV Anand but has it own flaws and logical loopholes. Give it a watch for the brilliant performances.

Interesting Facts About Anekudu

The film was shot extensively in Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia and Bolivia

Interesting Facts About Anekudu

Harris Jayraj collaborating with K. V. Anand for the fourth time and collaborating with Dhanush for the first time.



Interesting Facts About Anekudu

Karthik plays a role with a negative shade and he was seen as a love guru in the movie.



Interesting Facts About Anekudu

Amyra Dastur impressed the audience with her pretty looks and amazing performance.

Interesting Facts About Anekudu

The second schedule took place in Hyderabad, where an action sequence was shot for 20 days.



Interesting Facts About Anekudu

During the process of shooting the climax, Dhanush injured his leg severely, because of which shooting was halted for 3 weeks.



Interesting Facts About Anekudu

Special attention has been given to make sure Dhanush looks different for different roles. Even his slang changes from character to character.

Interesting Facts About Anekudu

Yet again, Dhanush proves that he is a natural actor.He never cease to amazing us with his skills.

Interesting Facts About Anekudu

Anekudu means "the man with many shadows", though it suits the story line, the title was not catchy enough.



Interesting Facts About Anekudu

Aishwarya Devan was good in her role.

Interesting Facts About Anekudu

Ashish Vidyarthi yet again manages to impress with his strong performance.

Interesting Facts About Anekudu

Confusing screenplay is a big let down for the film.

Interesting Facts About Anekudu

Lack of nativity and too much of Tamil flavor might not go well with everyone.

Interesting Facts About Anekudu

Dhanush will receive more accolades for his portrayal of the character named Kaali.

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