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Lucy Liu

Hollywood pays homage to David Carradine

London (ANI): Kill Bill star David Carradine’s funeral was attended by hundreds of mourners, to pay their last respects to him. The funeral was led by a procession of Hell’s Angels...
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Lucy Liu prefers animation films

New Delhi (ANI): Actress Lucy Liu has revealed that she loves working on animated films, as she doesn't have to concentrate on her appearance. ...
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Lucy Liu takes a dig at men

Washington (ANI): Actress Lucy Liu feels that a recent change in the outlook of women has mystified men on how to deal with fairer sex. ...
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Jolie tigeress in <i>Kung Fu Panda</i>

Los Angeles (Reuters): In her first movie deal since going to Africa to give birth, Angelina Jolie will co-star as a tiger in the upcoming kids film Kung Fu Panda for DreamWorks Animation SKG, the...
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