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Milind Gadagkar

Everyone has done well in Phoonk 2: Milind

Yet another debutant director gets ready for the release of his big screen dream today. Milind Gadagkar, a 30-something young man, who had written Phoonk, is having some nervous moments as his...
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Phoonk 2 - Review

Ramgopal Varma's love for horror and supernatural continues. This time, in Phoonk 2, the team behind Phoonk promise more chills, more thrills and more screams. But what you get to hear at the end...
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Scary Phoonk 2 releases today

Ram Gopal Varma's much awaited Phoonk 2 is releasing today. Phoonk 2 has already been in the headlines as the director claimed it to be much more scarier than the earlier Phoonk. A contest kinda...
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Phoonk 2 highlight: A scary movie

Ram Gopal Varma is back. He surprised many not long ago by coming out with Phoonk, a horror flick based on black magic. It worked at the box office though romantic and action movies were rulling...
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Ram Gopal Varma's supernatural plans

Mumbai, (ANI): Bollywood filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma has challenged the public to watch his upcoming horror film Phoonk 2 alone in a theatre, promising a cash prize to the person who manages to do...
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