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Mona Wasu

TV Actress Mona Wasu Molested, Files Case!

Television actress Mona Wasu was molested on Wednesday and filed molestation case the next day. The incident happened in Versova on Wednesday at around 11.45 pm, while she was returning home to...
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Who let the junglees out!

The celebrities on Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao finally got a day in the sun, as they visited a nearby tribal village. The four celebs left in the jungle– Akash, Anaida, Chetan and Mona were...
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Mona stinks like a buffalo on Iss Jungle

Nine celebrities, ghana jungle aur ek loo! The other day Chetan Hansraj desperately wanted to use the loo, but it was engaged by Mona Wasu. He said "Ohh... I wouldn’t want to use it after...
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Mona Vasu's hair trouble in the jungle!

Celebrities on Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao have had their own reasons for getting frustrated… food, clothing, shelter and all… but if you thought the sweet faced Mona was not...
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