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Pakhi Tyrewala

Abbas Tyrewala: I owe Pakhi an apology

2010 was a year of much learning and sobering for writer-turned-director Abbas Tyrewala. After the debacle of Jhootha Hi Sahi, he has decided to never, yes NEVER, make a romantic film again. Says...
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Jhootha Hi Sahi gets unfavourable reviews

The makers of Jhootha Hi Sahi might not have dreamt in their wildest dreams that the critics would come down so heavily on their film. The critics' verdict would even come as a surprise to the...
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John convinced hubby to cast me - Pakhi

Pakhi Tyrewala is nervous but also relieved. Her big preparation (script writing) is done, the exams have been written (shooting), notes exchanged (her colleagues tell her that she has done well)...
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Jhootha Hi Sahi - Review

Every film should be judged purely on the basis of its merits/demerits. Comparisons or drawing parallels with another film, even if it's helmed by the same director, is not right, in my opinion....
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