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The Robot

I love Rajinikanth- Soha Ali Khan

Actress Soha Ali Khan in an interview with the media expresses her desire to watch the latest film Enthiran- The Robot, which features superstar Rajinikanth. The actress reveals that she loves...
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The similarity between Ra One and The Robot

Apart from the fact that both the film Ra One and Endhiran are India’s first sci-fi thrillers, there turns to be yet another connection between these flicks. All the comparison started after...
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Anjaana Anjaani earns more than The Robot

When Anjaana Anjaani opened to a good response over the weekend, it seemed that a 50 crore total would be a cakewalk at theatres in India. However, as the week progressed, the film did take a dip...
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Rajinikanth meets Bal Thackeray

A little bit of trivia; do you know what Rajinikanth's real name is? It's Shivajirao Gaikwad. The star of Endhiran – The Robot may have made it big in Tamil cinema but at heart he will always...
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The Robot's special screening for Dev Anand

Superstar Rajinikanth has millions of fans across India, however, the actor himself is a great fan of evergreen Bollywood star Dev Anand. Rajini therefore, has organized a special screening of his...
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Critical evaluation of Rajinikanth's Robot

At the cataclysmic climax point of this film hundreds of Rajinikanth clones (in custom-made wigs with scowls and grimaces to match) fill up the sumptuous screen space...One Rajini each for every...
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