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U Me Aur Hum

Bollywood ka emotional attyachaar!

Maa…mein aa gaya… Screams the young boy; tearing the crowd gathered in-front of his house, only to find his mommy dead. Nahiii! The famous words said by the hero, drown in the loud...
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Aditya Singh Rajput to anchor ETC Xtras

Aditya Singh Rajput or Addy (as he is better known by his nickname in Bollywood and among Mumbai's modelling fraternity) is a commercial supermodel debuting as an anchor with ETC. ...
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Ajay honoured with Jasarat Award

He's known to be chilled-out, down to earth, a great actor, and now a fabulous director. Ajay Devgan must have taken years of dedication and hard work to attain such a reputation. ...
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U Me Aur Hum leads Krazzy 4 overseas

While Krazzy 4 has taken a lead over U Me Aur Hum in India, it's exactly the opposite in Overseas. Thanks to Kajol's popularity and also the fact that it's a family film, U Me Aur Hum has embarked...
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