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Hot And Mischievous Pranksters Of Bollywood

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Bollywood celebrities may seem classy and naive in public, but they are also the most mischievous pranksters we can find. These Bollywood celebrities are so naughty during the film shooting that there should literally be a sign stating "Beware Pranksters On The Set".

Akshay Kumar is the naughtiest of them all, as all his co-stars have time and again shared the pranks he pulls on them. During hank You shooting, he had apparently run out of ideas and was asking he fans to suggest him pranks which he can pull on Sonam Kapoor. He gave a little warning too saying, he needs a prank that is simple as he is friends with her dad. He id often known to flick his co-stars phone and hide it, scaring the poor people to such an extent that they spend the whole frantically looking for their phone,while he is well hidden with the Khiladi Kumar.

Stars too love a good laugh as it does get quite monotonous on the sets. So it's no surprise that they're known to pull a prank or two on their co-stars and directors. Ajay Devgn and Rohit Shetty in fact pulled a prank on their fan, when Ajay's fan arrived on the set, Rohit was yelling at him asking what he was doing there. Poor fellow started crying, when Ajay surprised the fan from behind.

The celebs well-executed pranks have become the talk of the B-Town. Today's no April fool's day, but nonetheless,it would be fun to check the hottest and most mischievous pranksters of Bollywood.

Hot And Mischievous Pranksters Of Bollywood:

Akshay Kumar

He loves playing pranks on his co-stars. Akshay made a call to Vidya posing as an Australian journalist and requested for an interview. While she answered diligently, Akshay had put the call on loud speaker and everyone on the sets enjoyed her Viday getting pranked.

Salman Khan

Salman Khan and Akshay managed to pull a fast one on Katrina Kaif during Tees Maar Khan's shoot.

Suniel Shetty

Suniel Shetty loves to play pranks. In fact, he owns a fashion boutique called Mischief! During their shoots for Hulchul, Suniel would often hide Arshad's mobile.

Aamir Khan

Aamir has had a signature joke for quit sometime. While pretending to read the palm of his co-star, Aamir used to spit on his innocent colleagues' hand!

Vidya Balan

She is the only female in this list. In a scene Tusshar was supposed to be blind folded. He quietly accepted it all thinking it was the need of the scene. Later, it was broken to him that it was a prank and he just couldn't believe.

Ajay Devgn

Bipasha claims that he is a big gossip and an even bigger prankster. Bipasha has even saved Ajay's mobile number as Narad Muni on her phone. Devgn managed to sneak into Sajid's bathroom and leave bloodprints on the mirror and walls. When Sajid entered the bathroom again, he was shocked to see the bloodstains.

Rohit Shetty

Ajay and Rohit told Kareena that the lady's spirit roams around in a white saree late night and visits the hotel. To spook her further, they added that it is a very angry spirit that roamed the hotel and it even killed a guest staying at the hotel.

Shahid Kapoor

With the help of his make-up man, he painted his face with glow-paint and went to Amrita's trailer. After a few baffled moments, Amrita realized who the "glow face" was and called Shahid's prank.

Vivek Oberoi

It's said that Vivek Oberoi once offered khichdi laced with a cockroach and dead flies to his school teacher. Eww! After playing carom with a movie director, Vivek got up to go to bed. He promptly returned 10 minutes later claiming that he hadn't been the one playing carom. Poor director thought the area was haunted by an ichchadhari bhoot.

Abhishek Bachchan

He once convinced everyone on set to stay away from the milk available on the set, claiming that it was laced with bhang.

Ranbir Kapoor

Ranbir Kapoor replaced the water in a couple of shot glasses with real vodka. A song sequence required Kalki Koechlin and Aditya Roy Kapoor to drink from shot glasses. Both his co-stars were left quite shocked.

Emraan Hashmi

While Vidya was shooting pictures in a complete Silk Smitha get up, Emraan held a glass of soft drink in his hands, pretended it was alcohol and started ogling at her. Vidya thought he was drunk and asked him not to distract her. To this, he quickly added, 'But what to do, you are looking very hot'. Vidya was bewildered to see everyone laughing, but soon realised that she was made a 'bakra'.

Sanju Dutt

The actor made the producer's son Rahul hang from a harness situated 40 feet above the ground as a joke. The team hoisted Rahul on the harness and apparently the poor guy had to beg the unit folk to bring him down.

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