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By: Praveen Lance Fernandes, IndiaFM
Friday, October 06, 2006
Two hours late and with a grand entry Mona Chopra gives us her divine presence at the audio launch of her forthcoming film Game. What was even more boring to see was the fact that she was clad in a burkha. Fine! Now we realize we are here not for the film's publicity but for her own. (Yawn)

Do read the conversation between the media and her.

Mona: I am protesting. I am protesting. (also heard - I'm feeling very hot in this.)
Media: What are you protesting against?
Mona: Against the producers of the film who have mentioned my name as Mona Chopra despite me telling them not to (I like to give my producers a hard time and keep on changing my name).
Media: Then what is your name? (Not that anyone cares but we might as well ask considering that we waited 2 hours just to hardly see anything of you.)
Mona: I am Sherlyn Chopra. I hate Mona Chopra. Mona Chopra is associated only with sleazy films. Sherlyn does only up market films.

Two things now: Game is not an up market film. It comes from the director of Z- graders like Patth and Madhubala.
Secondly, protesting against her name? She couldn't even protest against her own porn MMS clip. (Though it really seemed that she was involved in it considering that the camera was so close to her and moved according to her own movements. So basically she stripped in front of someone else. hmmmm)

One more question that arises? "I hate Mona Chopra." What the hell is that supposed to mean? Is this a case of amnesia where she forgot who she really is? Or is it just that she repented doing sex non-pot-boilers like Time Pass and Naughty Boy?

Well, she definitely has some learning to do? Recall Payal Rohatgi who once quoted that she regretted doing sleazy films at the beginning of her career but she had no option when entering the industry. Well, genuine words from her and much more subtle unlike Mona Darling who can give Rakhi Sawant a run for her money when it comes to controversies.

Now we are not someone to judge a person neither are we astrologers to make predictions but let just plainly say it - Mona or whatever your name is... you are not a Mallika who can pull off oomph neither are you Aishwarya with a pretty face. Resorting to cheap gimmicks does not take you places so just concentrate on your work and things just might happen.

If you go to see neither your MMS became popular nor is this protest giving you lots of public support. So in simple words - Work up on some genuine PR.

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