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Dhoom (U/A)

Audience Review

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27 Aug 2004

Dhoom Story

Dhoom movie starts in the streets of Mumbai, where a gang of high-speed motorcyclists (riding heavy-bikes like the Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa) starts breaking into banks and other public places and disappearing.

In the streets of Mumbai a gang of high-speed motorcyclists are robbing banks and money-vans and disappearing into thin air - or rather into pizza delivery boys - before anyone can say "thief". ACP Jai Dixit, a no-nonsense cop is called on the case. He seeks the help of a scatterbrained, clownish downtown racer named Ali and devises a trap to catch the thieves, but fails.

Kabir the leader of the gang, eventually taunts Dixit by saying that he couldn't catch Kabir even if he were right in front of him. He is proved correct and the failure of Dixit seemingly leads to the breakup of his partnership with Ali. Kabir then lures Ali into his gang to replace Rohit, the gang member who was killed by Jai. Jai is married to Sweety. Ali also falls in love with Sheena, another gang member.

The gang later goes to Goa to perform one last big heist before disbanding forever. Kabir now sets his eyes on the biggest casino in all of India. Kabir and his gang swiftly rob the casino on New Year's Eve, but soon, they realize that Jai has planned them right into a trap. Ali was working for Jai the whole time and the fight was staged.

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