Do Dilon Ke Khel Mein

Audience Review

Release Date

23 Apr 2010

Do Dilon Ke Khel Mein Story

Do Dilon Ke Khel Mein movie is about two lovable childhood friend, Joggi and Goggi. Joggi has returned from London to his village in his motherland India. Wherein he wishes and wants his son Rohit to get married in Punjab with a Punjabi girl...and Goggi...who left Punjab 20 years back and came to Mumbai and fell in love with a south Indian girl, Laxmi and got married.

Today Goggi is the father of a girl Isha. Goggi wishes and wants his daughter to get married in Punjab but his wife Laxmi wants her son- in- law to be south Indian only!. Joggi's son Rohit (not being aware of anything) and Goggi's daughter Isha, already meet each other while they are on a journey...and just can not tolerate each other...

One thinks that the other is a snob and the other thinks he is too cheeky... When they come to know that both their parents, who met 20 years later, are planning to have them married to each other, Rohit and Isha try to create a mess of quarrels between the two families...but in this tussle there comes a strong turning point...everything goes wrong between their respective fathers...The dosti becomes dushmani!...

By then Rohit and Isha realize that just because of their childish nature they have created problems within their families...and decide that they will try to sort out any which ways... How they do it and while doing it how they change themselves, is what "Do Dilon Ke Khe Mein" is all about... It tells us that the emotion of belonging is the biggest emotion in our lives.

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