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    Release Date : 30 Jan 2015
    Director : Vibhu Puri
    Critics Rating
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    Hawaizaada movie was earlier titled as Bambai Fairytale. The movie is based on the life of scientist Shivkar Bapuji Talpade who is credited to have constructed India's first unmanned plane. The movie is set in Bombay, 1895.

    Story in detail:
    1890's: India under the British Raj.

    After repeating the same class eight times, Shivi is expelled from his school. Enjoying his newly attained freedom, he bumps into Sitara and here strikes cupid! Sensuality personified, Sitara is a local diva. Fed up with Shivi's rebellious and carefree ways, his father shows him the door. Reality daunts hard on Sitara.

    Fearing that she will bring shame and disgrace to Shivi, she decides to leave the city. Dejected and distraught, Shivi slips into a life of sin and...
    • Vibhu Puri
    • Guneer Monga
    • filmibeat.com
      Hawaizaada attempts an almost-impossible marriage of a visual splendour with emotional surrender. It is a film with tempestuous ambitions.

      Going back in time is never an easy task in cinema. Many have failed to court periodicity conv..
    • BollywoodHungama
      If you watch the film with a feeling that you will be transported into the world of invention of the first ever man made desi flight, then, take our word for it that, you will be sorely disappointed, because the film actually is an extravagant 'cos..
    • gulfnews.com
      The dramatic re-telling of Talpade’s life is laborious and over-dramatic. It’s almost like you are watching a street play that meanders.

      Hawaizaada seriously as a liberally-altered biopic. The premise was promising, but the film..
    • days ago
      i have seen review it is amazing.
    • days ago
      Expectations: There was a time in our Hindi cinema when most of the period films were anti-Britishers' type of films. Then there were loads and loads of romantic films, which were set during the partition era followed by some unusual films like 'Lagaan', 'Special 26', etc. which were perfect combination of facts and fiction. Though, prior to 'Lagaan' and 'Gaddar', period films were not favourable at the box office, but with the rise of multiplex era the whole scenario changed and we saw many successful films being made under this genre. If the concept of such types of films is unique and has been presented in a convincing manner, cine lovers shower their appreciation in the form of good box office numbers. Ayushmann Khurrana's latest film 'Hawaizaada' narrates the unique tale of how an Indian had developed the worlds first aeroplane. The concept and the promo seem interesting and have managed to raise the curiosity level, thus let's find out whether 'Hawaizaada' will be another good blend of fact and fiction on the lines of films like 'Lagaan' or might be one among those types of films where there is nothing else to offer besides the unique one liner concept. Story: 'Hawaizaada' is a story about Shivkar Talpade (Ayushmann Khurrana), set in Mumbai 1895. Shivkar meets Pandit Shastry (Mithun Chakraborty), who is trying to make a flying machine inspired from our Indian mythology. Shivkar starts assisting Pandit Shastry and together they try to achieve the impossi

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