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Ishq Ho Gaya Mamu Story

Ishq Ho Gaya Mamu is all about the magic of love with a pinch of madness, because…as they say 'If There is No Madness, Its Not Love'.

This madness is a story of three guys Osmaan (Siraj Khan), Aamir (Puneet) and Salman (Nasir Kazi) and of course when there is madness, there has to be a girl. And here she is- a shy and a beautiful damsel - Nazo (Meenu). Although all the three guys' object of desire is the same, but their method of achieving it is as different as Obama is from Osama and Ravan is from Rama! Osman, Aamir and Salman soon realize that to woo a shy and a conservative Nazo, they first have to win over Nazo's father (Rajesh Vivek), the proverbial 'Mamu' for all three guys.

In many Muslim males above 50 years, Urdu Shayari replaces sex, and Mamu is no different. So to come in Mamu's good books, all the three guys have to reinvent Ghalib and Ghazals. And if this looks hard, then to make these guys life more difficult, Osman's mother (Pratima Kazmi), Aamir's khaala (Upasna Singh) and Salman's father (Abid Khan) join the madness to campaign for their respective candidates.

Things go totally out of control when Aamir's khaala falls in love with Mamu and Salman's father loses his heart to Aamir's khaala. As the story unfolds, the drama gets more chaotic than even the Mumbai's traffic, as interesting as 20-20 cricket match and a lot more funnier than the daily dose of the saas bahu TV soaps! So hold your breath, keep your fingers crossed and let that adrenal flow because Ishq Ho Gaya Mamu is coming soon….very, very soon!

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