Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar (U)

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Release Date

22 May 1992

Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar Story

Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander is an underdog story. The story revolves around Sanju (Aamir Khan), a young man from a lower middle class, family successfully beats Shekhar (Deepak Tijori), his arrogant and wealthier rival in an inter-school bicycling race which is the highlight of the small town they reside in.

The story is set in Dehradun, a hill station which houses a few exclusive high schools such as the Rajput School, with students from very affluent backgrounds, and a few schools meant for the local, less affluent kids such as the Model School.

Shekhar goes to the Rajput School and is generally portrayed to be arrogant and snobbish and a cheat, as are his friends and most of the other students at Rajput School. Shekhar also looks down condescendingly upon Sanju and his friends, who go to the Model School. Sanju, on the other hand is portrayed as a nicer, happy-go-lucky and more down-to-earth character.

Other primary characters include Ramlal (Kulbhushan Kharbanda )(Sanju's father), Ratan (Mamik)(Sanju's elder brother) and Anjali (Ayesha Julka), who is Sanju's best friend and secretly in love with him.

The story is primarily set around an annual inter-school sports competition, which is the most popular and important event in the town. The story goes that Ramlal (who is a coach at Model School) has been obsessed with beating the Rajput school ever since his one bicycling victory against them a long time ago, and has been grooming his elder son, Ratan for the same.

Ratan is Model's ideal student, a diligent and sincere student in both academia and sports, has an upright character and is the pride of his father. Sanju on the other hand is a more lazy and escapist natured happy-go-lucky character who prefers hanging out with friends and enjoying life even if it results in poor academic performance, which disappoints his father. After a scuffle with Shekhar and his friends a tragedy occurs due to which Ratan is unable to compete in the bicycle race, thus totally crushing his Dad's long harbored dream. Seeing this, Sanju is transformed from a boy without a care in the world into a responsible friend, brother, son and athlete.

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