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Joggers Park

Audience Review

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12 Sep 2003

Joggers Park Story

Joggers' Park is based on two characters Justice J.P. Chatterjee and Jenny. Justice J.P. Chatterjee has lived is life in a shell for the past 40 years. His life revolved around his duties as a Judge.

Period. Now after retirement he has taken up some extra-curricular activities, one of which is jogging. He meets with a beautiful young woman named Jenny, and is attracted to her. She needs his help in resolving an on-going judicial matter. Chatterjee assists her by referring her to another lawyer, and informing her that her current lawyer has been mishandling her matter in court. She complies with his instructions, and wins the case, and proclaims Chatterjee as her fourth boyfriend.

On the homefront, Chatterjee is asked to pronounce judgement on a male family who was involved in an extre-matrital affair, little knowing that he himself will be judged by his family, when his affair with Jenny becomes public.

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