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Krishna Cottage (A)

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16 Apr 2004

Krishna Cottage Story

Krishna Cottage is the story of Manav and Shanti who attends the same college along with there friends Nupur and others. Manav and Shanti loves each other for a very long time and there love have blossom to engagement. On there engagement day a woman name Disha enter the college as a new student and decides to attend Shanti and Manav's engagement.

Shanti suspects Disha that she was in love with Manav. Her doubt came through one day when she visits Disha's house and hears from Disha's mom that she had die twenty two years ago, she along with a man called Amar who was Disha's previous love in her lifetime was said to be in resemblance with Manav, Shanti's love. Disha is a spirit and Disha uses her spirit powers in order to kill Nupur and Tali, two members from there group.

But Manav only love Shanti and has no feelings for Disha, the spirit, so on Shanti's and Manav's wedding day Disha's spirit try to harm Shanti. But Manav didn't allow such things to happen since he kills and surrenders himself to Disha for the sake of Shanti. But he can be alive again and well since he had to go to a place called "Krishna Cottage" and remove all evidences of Disha and Amar.

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