Rudraksh Story

    Rudraksh film is strongly based on the Ramayana ("The Path of Rāma"), one of the most famous and influential epic poems of India. When Bhagwan Shri Ram ended the tyrannical rule of Lord Ravanna, he was able to bury his remains underground in Lanka (which subsequently was called Ceylon, and now re-named Sri Lanka).

    Legacy has it that while Bhagwan Ram was able to kill Lord Ravanna, he was unable to kill the evil which Ravanna had left buried deep underground in Yala, Sri Lanka. Years later an Archealogical group comes across an object called the rudraksh, which when activated will re-create Ravanna and his demon hordes, who will subsequently rule the world.

    Unfortunately, this rudraksh falls into the hands of an evil Bhuria, who alongwith his lady love, Lali, decides to use it for his own personal power and gain. Bhuria attains special powers, albeit a little raw, as a result, and is on the look-out for a male partner, who has already trained his mind and body - none other than Sage Ved Pujan's only son, Varun, a sooth-sayer and healer, gentle and unassuming, and one who is fated to join the demon hordes led by Bhuria.
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