Short Kut - The Con Is On (U/A)

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Release Date

10 Jul 2009

Short Kut - The Con Is On Story

Short Kut - The Con is On is remake of Malayalam movie Udayananu Tharam. The movie revolves around the story of two strugglers, one who makes it big as a Superstar (Raju – Arshad Warsi) after stealing a script, and the other whose struggle as a director (Shekhar – Akshaye Khanna) continues after his script gets stolen.

Things get really interesting when reigning actress Mansi’s (Amrita Rao) romantic involvement with Shekhar gets culminated into a marriage while her professional interactions with Raju begin.To add to the chaos, destiny again brings Raju and Shekhar face to face, when Shekhar is set to direct his first film, with Superstar Raju.

What follows now is a clash of the egos, and immense commotion building up to a fun-filled confusion. What happens next as the real life drama of the reel unfolds is the crux of the plot of Short kut The Con is On.

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