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CLAPS: Sunny Leone Winning Praises After Her BadAss Reply To A Journalist About Her Past

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Sunny Leone is not ashamed of her past and is very open about it but it seems that many people cannot digest this fact. In a recent interview, a journalist tried to force Sunny to accept her status as a po**star and that she regrets what she did it in the past. But, Sunny did not lose her cool and faced every question with great dignity.

When Bollywood celebrities came to know about this interview, they also praised Sunny.

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Sunny On Aamir Khan

Journalist- You think an Aamir Khan would ever work with you? Sunny Leone: Probably not.


S-Maybe because of my background.

J-But would you want to work with Aamir Khan?

S-Of course, who wouldn't?

Sunny's Interview

J-So you would want to work with Aamir, but Aamir wouldn't want to work with you.

S-Well, I don't have an idea. you should go and ask him.

J-How would this reflect on you then?

S-It doesn't affect me, I am still going to be an Aamir fan, I am still going to watch his film. I am realist. I have dreams too.

Sunny On Her Past

J- Is your past, figuratively a thing of the past?


J- Let me ask you this again, I started this interview by asking you the one thing that you regret and you told that you regret that you could not reach your mother before she passed away.. But if I were to turn the clock back, would you still do what you did?

S-One hundred per cent (smiling).

Sunny Leone

J-You would still do the kind of shoots, kind of work that you did?

S-Everything that I have done in my life, has lead me into this seat. It's a chain reaction that happens. Everything is a stepping stone to something bigger and better, that's what life is all about.

Actress Sunny

J-How many people will aspire to be p*** stars?

S- No one.

J-So how did you become one?

S- It wasn't something that I aspired to be. It just happened. I met an agent and I saw these photos of these women and I din't think it as vulgar. I thought of it as beautiful, I thought they were beautiful, s***, free to do what ever they want to do, that's how I saw it.

Check out some of the tweets here...

Very unfair& rude interview with Sunny Leone on CNN IBN.She is taking it on her chin sportingly,obviously in the interest of her coming film - rishi kapoor (@chintskap)

Asin To Marry Rahul Today, See The BEAUTIFUL Wedding Venue

How beautifully u held your own in that stupid interview @SunnyLeone .Some1 should have taught him how to respect a woman when he was a kid.- Sushant S Rajput (@itsSSR)

Click here to watch Sunny Leone's interview

And read the questions that Sunny Leone was asked in the interview here-

Do you get upset by the negative comments which appear about you?

There seem to be lots of inhibitions of stars to work with you. How do you feel about that?

So you would want to work with Aamir but Aamir would not want to work with you. How do you feel about that?

Do you not get affected by the fact that your past, as a "po** queen", will continue to haunt you or hold you back?

If I was to turn the clock back would you still do what you did?

Pardon me if I'm being offensive, but how many people would aspire to be a po** star?

Some people are wondering whether Sunny Leone becoming a brand ambassador is a dangerous thing for India.

On social media, many Indian married women who look at Sunny Leone as a threat and think she'll take away their husbands. You don't care about all this?

The clincher though was, "I'm wondering whether I'm being morally corrupted because I'm speaking to you".

After hearing the last question, Sunny Leone told the Journalist very politely that he could leave if he thought so.

Well, hats off to Sunny Leone for answering such weird questions!

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