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SLUT-SHAMING! Deepika Padukone Gets SLAMMED By Her Fans For Posting Picture With EX Ranbir Kapoor!

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In what kind of society, are we living? The Twitterati and Instagram followers of Deepika Padukone, slammed the actress for a very stupid reason and we really don't know how to react!

Recently, on the eve of Holi, Deepika Padukone shared a picture with her ex boyfriend, Ranbir Kapoor, which is nothing but a poster of their film Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani. But according to her so called 'fans', she should rather have posted her picture with Ranveer from song 'Lahu Muh Lag Gaya'. Disgusting much?

You Won't Believe How Her Fans Bashed Her For Such A Silly Thing. Read Their Reactions Below:

Nithish @NithishkumarAM

"@deepikapadukone: Noticed since I started following u after RamLeela.U really enjoys making fun or hurting RS fans. I am sorry. Unfollow now."

Samridhi @SamridhiSPEAKS

"@deepikapadukone why so desperate for your ex RK when you are so established & have a boyfriend? Move on like he has."

Jazmine @Jazmine87601492

"@deepikapadukone Kabhi ranbir toh kavhi shahid. Poor @RanveerOfficial she will just ditch you One day."

Awaara @awaararanbirfan

"@deepikapadukone Aur koi pic tweet karne ko nahi mila tha behen?"


"Chep hori h buri trh jab wo ni karta tereko pasand , or tattoo b hata le nd move on baby, and let him live a life with peaceful."


"how can you do this. I like your pairing with Ranbir on-screen but you have chosen Ranbir over Ranveer. When you know Ranveer is sensitive and will feel bad, why are you hurting him. How can you chose that Ranbir who said that a disgusting lady like Katrina is more motivational for him than you knowing you have always supported him. Ranveer always cared for you. I still like you but I'm surprised."


"Why being such a chipu deepika, i was ur fan now not liking u 1 bit."


"Hahahha kya madam kbhi ranbir toh kabhi ranveer ab apki is post Ki wajhe se ranveer Ko lag Gaya Na bura ab chahte toh ram leela wali bhi photo post Kr skte thhe but ye jawani bhi toh hoti hai diwani @deepikapadukone"


"Perfect match. You deserve no one but a cheater in your life. ? hope one day he feels bad for how bad you're trying and starts having feelings for you, till then enjoy the memories. And yeah can't wait for the poor ranveer to dump you."


"Hope Ranbir Kapoor gets a restraining order against you, psycho. Plus obviously hope Ranveer Singh has dumped you."

Needless to say that this is wrong in multiple ways! We agree that Deepika is a public figure, but it's her personal decision as to what picture she should post. Be it Ranbir or Ranveer, it's totally her choice and no one has any right to judge the actress, based on her post!

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