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      Sonu Sood On Being Called A Scam: Trolls’ Kitchens Run On This; Let Them Use Money To Help Others


      Sonu Sood has been hailed a superhero for his relentless work in the past few months to help out those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. From migrant labourers to students stuck in different parts of the world, Sonu has reached out to many, and the list goes on increasing.

      Sonu Sood

      Unfortunately, in the age of trolling, even Sonu isn't spared. There are some who question the authenticity of Sonu's outreach efforts and call him 'the biggest scam of 2020'. Sonu had the perfect take on being viewed as a scam.

      In an interview with Hindustan Times, Sonu spoke about people alleging that he didn't actually help out people on a large scale and said, "These are a handful of people, and they suddenly rise from nowhere on social media. They don't actually exist in reality. I didn't bother to see what they've written, some friends told me. Who has the time to read? I've got lots of things to do for people."

      Citing an example of how one such allegation was clarified, he said, "Someone said 'Yeh log to foreign se kisi ko nahi laaye'. A couple of days back, a flight landed from Philippines, and they replied on that tweet of students 'You don't exist, it's fake'. The students sent their boarding passes and flight number, along with college names to check. Suddenly, these trolls vanished. These are paid people. One-two people run 100-200 accounts."

      "If these trolls start counting the number of people I've connected with, unke bachhe tab tak badhe ho jaayenge," added Sonu.

      The actor reportedly has a list of 7,03,200 people and their contacts, with whom he has connected over the past few months. "Anything you want to know, and that number is increasing by every second," he said. He further asked if the people who received help were aliens.

      When asked about those who deleted accounts after asking for help, Sonu clarified that those tweets had sensitive data which the owners of the accounts themselves deleted.

      Instead of being bitter about getting trolled, Sonu had the perfect solution. "Their kitchen runs with this. They earn money on every tweet, which is fair enough. I'm telling them to run their kitchens, but the money which they get from trolling, help someone else, don't keep it all at home," he said.

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