Johnny English Reborn

Audience Review

Release Date

2011 (India)
23 Sep 2011 (WorldWide)

Johnny English Reborn Story

Johnny English Reborn is a comedy movie which takes place 8 years after its predecessor, after then Johnny English's career is turned to worse.

Before five years the beginning of the film, he went for a mission in Mozambique which went wrong. After that he lives in a cave in Tibet.

He hides there in shame, regret and recrimination due to the mission's failure.The film begins with him still at an all time low in terms of morale. Then he was invited by the head monk staying nearby monastery who trains him Martial Arts.

The British Intelligence Service, M17 decides to call him back for a new mission.

Serveral gangsters wants to make a nuclear explosion to make sure China is on their side. So thats why they need him to make a plan by some assassins to kill the Chinese Premier.

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