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Scream 3


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2000 (India)
04 Feb 2000 (WorldWide)

Scream 3 Story

Scream 3 is a third installment in the successful Scream trilogy of satirical horror films. Cotton Weary, the man who was wrongly convicted of killing Maureen Prescott, is murdered along with his girlfriend, Christine, for refusing to reveal any information about Sidney's whereabouts to a man who "will kill to know where Sidney is". The day after, Mark Kincaid, a police detective, informs Gale and Dewey of Weary's murder, asking if they may know anything about a picture of a young woman found at the murder scene. They identify the woman as Maureen Prescott, Sidney's mother.

After Sarah Darling, a cast member of the movie Stab 3: Return to woodsboro is murdered, Dewey and Gale realize that the killer is killing people in the order they die in the script, and it seems that the killers next victim is the actress Jennifer Jolie (though there is 3 differents versions of the script). Meanwhile, in the secluded area of California, Sidney Prescott, who drew away from the public eye and her friends after the events that happened at Windsor College, is bothered by the killer who locates her and calls her home, and informs her about the murders. In evening, at Jennifer's house, the killer strikes again; killing Jennifer's bodyguard and bombed her house, which cause the death of another actor, Tom Prinze, who was in the house thereat.

In the morning at the police station, Gale and Dewey discussing with Kincaid about another picture of a young Maureen Prescott that the killer left with the words "I killed her" written on the back. Sidney appears in the station and unites with Dewey and Gale. At night, the remaining cast - Jennifer Jolie, Angelina Tyler and Tyson Fox, are invited by Stab 3 Producer, John Milton, to a party at his mansion. Also in attendance are Dewey, Gale and the Director of the movie, Roman Bridger. As the guests separate to find the secret screen room of Milton (which according to rumors used to wild Partys), Dewey and Gale realize that the killer has tricked them into congregating at the house and split up to round up the cast and escape.

Moments later, the killer appears in the house and murders all of them; firstly Roman, then Angelina, afterwards Tyson and lastly Jennifer, except for Dewey and Gale.

At the police station, the killer calls Sidney and informs her that he's captured Gale and Deweyand if she wants to know who killed her mother she must go to the mansion. When she arrives, Sidney tricks the killer and shoots him, but before she can release Gale and Dewey his body disappears. Kincaid arrives on the scene and although initially is suspicious of him after finding out earlier that he had been stalking her case, Sidney is actually saved from an attack from the killer by him, but Kincaid has been stabbed and lays unconscious.

Sidney is then chased to a room where the killer captures her. He tells Sidney about his searching after his mother, Rina Reynolds, who she recognizes as Maureen Prescott, and how she didn't want to acknowledge him. Then, the killer reveals himself to be Roman (who faked his own death). He tells Sidney that he is her half-brother; a result from a rape that Maureen had in the past. He also tells Sidney that he is the reason that Billy Loomis started the murders in Woodsboro, after he showed him a film-strip of his father and Maureen kissing.

Roman is angry at Sidney for the life that she had with Maureen that should have been his, and after he brings out John Milton (who had been gagged and stuffed in a closet in the room) and kills him in front of Sidney, he revealing his plan; he's gonna make Sidney the killer and he as the sole survivor of her psychopathic killing spree. After dealing with far too many crazed serial killers in her life, Sidney berates Roman for finding excuses to cover up his own personal desires to kill people.

After distractions from Gale and Dewey who try to get into the room and from Kincaid who enters to the room but very quickly beaten by Roman, Sidney hide and manages to stab Roman in the back and in the heart. Gale and Dewey enter to the room as Roman dying. They and Sidney are about to leave but then Roman rises. He is about to hurt Sidney but Dewey manages to shoot him in the head, killing him.

The next day, at Sidney's secluded house in the woods, Dewey surprises Gale with a wedding proposal, to which Gale agrees. Kincaid, still recovering from his injuries, invites Sidney to watch a movie. Sidney closes her front door, but it creaks open a few moments later. Sidney, as she smiles at this, walks away realizing her long-time fears have diminished and she has a new found freedom.

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