Sleeping With The Fishes

Audience Review

Release Date

2013 (India)
2013 (Worldwide)

Sleeping With The Fishes Story

Alexis "Lexi" Fish lives in L.A. and works as a mascot and occasional phone sex operator, struggling to get by after the death of her husband. After an estranged aunt dies she returns to New York to attend her funeral and while there butts heads with her overly critical mother, Estella. Her well-meaning older sister, Kayla, meanwhile arranges a last-minute job for Lexi to plan the Bat Mitzvah for the daughter of one of their acquaintances, Mrs. Wasserstein.

Lexi also encounters the handsome Dominic, (Steven Strait) who runs a club and has a young son. She reveals to him that while her husband and her were high school sweethearts with outwardly successful lives he repeatedly cheated on her during their marriage and left her with debt after his death.

Despite her initial reluctance to plan the Bat Mitzvah Lexi is eventually able to throw the party together, confronting the overbearing Mrs. Wasserstein in the process and also gaining the courage to reveal her husband's flaws to her mother.

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