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Spread (A)

Audience Review

Release Date

2010 (India)
18 Jun 2010 (WorldWide)

Spread Story

Spread is a film starring Ashton Kutcher and Anne Heche and directed by David Mackenzie. Homeless gigolo Nikki (Ashton Kutcher) lives in Los Angeles drifting from relationship to relationship without a job and without a home.

He preys on women who have money to provide for him. After meeting Samantha (Anne Heche) at a club he moves in with her, using his looks and sexual prowess.

While Sam out of town he meets a waitress called Heather (Margarita Levieva). He enlists his friend Harry (Sebastian Stan) to help him get Heather interested but she doesn't fall for his games and though they go on a date she leaves Nikki to go elsewhere.

Meanwhile Nikki has begun cheating on Sam, first with his friend Emily (Rachel Blanchard), then with Christina (Sonia Rockwell). Sam catches him with Christina and gets angry at him, but they make up and have an uneasy arrangement where she will ignore his infidelity. However this arrangement proves too difficult and she soon throws him out.

Nikki searches for somewhere to stay but he has fallen out with Harry and cannot get into the parties he once did. He runs into Heather and she admits that she was only interested in him for his house, believing him to be rich, she is the same as Nikki, scamming rich men for possessions in the same way he did with women. She lets him move in with her and her room-mate Eva (Ashley Johnson) and they begin dating though Heather continues to scam and hustle with Nikki.

One day Heather is upset because she has been dumped by her fiancé, and Nikki is furious that he didn't know that Heather was engaged. They argue and when he returns she has flown to New York to be with him. At Eva's urging and with Harry's help Nikki follows her.

But when he finds her and proposes to her she tells him that she is already married. Her husband (Hart Bochner) returns and she tells him Nikki is a grocery boy. Nikki returns to LA, gets a job and finds a place to live; he no longer runs scams. The ending credits show Nikki feeding a mouse to a South American horned frog in his apartment.

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