The Lost World: Jurassic Park

Audience Review

Release Date

1997 (India)
23 May 1997 (WorldWide)

The Lost World: Jurassic Park Story

The Lost World: Jurassic Park starts with a scene of a wealthy British Family on a yacht cruise who stumbled upon Isla Sorna thinking it was an island chain at another location. The young daughter wanders off and has an encounter with a Compsognathus or "Compy," a small carnivorous scavenger. The girl is injured and later in the movie this event is used to take control of the company from John Hammond.

After the fail of the Park at Isla Nublar, InGen seeks to restore their capital by exploiting a previously unknown island that was the location where the animals were mass-constructed, Isla Sorna. The new Chief Executive Officer Peter Ludlow proposes a plan to the InGen board members in a cut scene where he convinces the Board Members that John Hammond is not serving the company, but the animals they "own".

Returning character Ian Malcom visits John Hammond at his, as Malcolm calls it: "Creepy", Mansion Estate. There he runs into returning characters Lex and Tim. When he asks them whether or not everything is okay, Lex replies "Not Exactly". Men appear walking down the stairs of the estate, InGen board members. The last to come down is Peter Ludlow, who brushes Malcolm aside and doesn't pay much attention to his concerns. They have a discussion while Ludlow signs documents to finalize his new position as CEO.

After Ludlow leaves Malcolm and Hammond have a discussion and the first thing Hammond says is that Malcolm's Chaos theories were correct. The next thing Hammond declares is that there is a new, but old island that wasn't widely known. The Island was Site B, Isla Sorna, where the animals were created, he explains that the lab at Isla Nublar, although a funtional generation site, was simply a showroom for the tourists. He continues to explain that InGen was on the brink of declaring chapter eleven ever since the accident at the park (in the cut boardroom scene we hear Ludlow reading death and silence pay offs).

Hammond then announces that he had been trying to keep the company from ravaging the animals, but that the company used the accident of the British family to take the company from him. He explains to Malcolm that he could save the animals if he had public support but to get that kind of support he would need a photo record of the animals to prove they were real. He says that he has recruited three people already but they needed a fouth to go to the island, he asked Malcolm to go.

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