Batman Vs Superman’s Epic Battle is Finally Here!

    By Nirmalraj

    Finally, the wait is over!

    The much awaited movie of the year, has hit the theatres now! God Vs Man, Day Vs Night, Son of Krypton Vs Bat of Gotham! Is finally here and we must say... Wow! Just Wow! A true comic fan would be drooling over this movie and its Easter eggs. We must warn you! there are a lot of things packed in this movie!


    Al-right, first things first, Batman is super angry with the Man of Steel for killing his employees trapped in his financial building, which superman destroyed during the battle between him and General Zod.
    Kal-El is seen as the baddie by the society, a conspiracy is behind the works here! One must appreciate the way, director Zack Snyder has taken the story forward from Man of Steel, to bring the alien and the world's greatest detective on opposite sides of the line.

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    The movie is an example of how a Superhero clash would end up in! A lot keeps happening in the first half the movie that, it's hard to keep track of things. The first half of the movie, is really just all the build- up for the epic finale and it is definitely worth the wait!

    Batman makes Superman Bleed! Their clash is one to remember for a long time! Ever wondered, what makes Batman so great? Well, he made Superman Bleed! briefly for a moment there, Man rose above God! And also simply because He's Batman!

    Finally Wonder Women makes her live-action debut and boy! Did she get one of those awesome intro scenes! Simply jaw dropping! We get to see the much talked about Aquaman's appearance and there is a surprise reveal!


    We want to tell you all about it, but where's the fun in that! Alright we can't contain it, there's a glimpse of two other Justice League members in the movie as well! We aren't revealing anything more than that. We get to see the full extent of Lex Luthor's craziness and although it didn't quite hit the mark, the epic battle scenes make up for those in the end.

    Doomsday is awesome! He gets his 15-minutes of fame, and his character arc has taken a wonderful turn. With all the epic battle scenes and the drama happening in the background, the film is completely dark and gritty.


    One thing is for sure! The Dawn of Justice, will leave you utterly shocked, highly anticipated and leave you wondering where the characters will be moving forward from this astonishing and surprising finish to the movie.

    What do you guys think of this movie? Hit the Comment section to express your views on this.

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