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      Olivia Wilde Too Old To Play Leonardo DiCaprio's Wife!

      By Nirmalraj S

      There are plenty of moments when you feel, you are too old to do things and let it pass, but being told that you are too old to do something is different. Well, Olivia Wilde felt the latter, when she was told she was too old to play a role!

      The Cowboys and Aliens actress was eager to play Leonardo DiCaprio's wife in the 2013 blockbuster hit The Wolf of Wall Street. When she auditioned, Martin Scorsese felt that the then 28-year-old actress was too old to play Leo's wife and instead decided to go with the then 22-year-old Australian newbie, Margot Robbie!

      olivia wilde

      Surprisingly, she wasn't told she was old on her face, instead her agents said that she was too 'sophisticated' to play that role. Olivia felt nice to have known that she was a sophisticated woman, that bubble didn't last long!. She later learnt that she was 'too old' for the role according to Martin and she didn't feel for it, infact she felt that Margot did a fine job playing Leo's wife in the movie.

      Martin Scorsese's new music industry TV show Vinyl cast Olivia Wilde without auditioning her. Thanks to Olivia's audition back in 2013, Martin remembered it and cast her without any screening.

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