Tamil Producer to File Case Against Parasite Makers for Plagiarism

    After the big Oscars 2020 win, Vijay fans were convinced the film had been inspired by his 1999 release Minsara Kanna. Tamil producer has decided to file a case against Parasite makers for plagiarism


    South Korean film Parasite made history at the Oscars 2020, by winning an Academy Award in four major categories-Best Screenplay, Best Foreign Film, Best Director and Best Picture. Directed by Bong Joon Ho, the film is being well appreciated all over the world, but Vijay fans in India are convinced the film has been inspired by the 1999 release, Minsara Kanna.

    parasie case

    Producer PL Thenappan, who holds the rights to the Tamil film revealed to The News Minute that he will be filing a case to seek compensation for plagiarism from the makers of Parasite.

    Thenappan told the publication, with the help of an international lawyer, he will be filing a case, "They have lifted the plot from my film Minsara Kanna. When they find out that some of our films have been inspired by their films, they file cases so we can also do that,"

    On the other hand, Minsara Kanna's director KS Ravikumar said he is happy about his film receiving international recognition. "Even though Minsara Kanna served as an inspiration, I am happy that Parasite has received an Oscar. As for filing a case, the decision rests on the producer,".

    Many fans took to Twitter to claim the films are similar. However, while Minsara Kanna revolves around a wealthy boy, Parasite follows a family who is having a hard time making ends meet.

    The story trope where a wealthy boy goes undercover to a girl's house to impress her and her family has been a common premise throughout the 1980s and 1990s in south films as well as Bollywood.

    Here's Proof, Oscars 2020 Winner Parasite Is Not Inspired By Vijay's Tamil FilmHere's Proof, Oscars 2020 Winner Parasite Is Not Inspired By Vijay's Tamil Film

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