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      Miss Americana Documentary Review: Taylor Swift Plans To Empower The Young With Music

      Star Cast:

      Language: English

      Duration: 85 minutes

      Story: Country and Pop singer, songwriter Taylor Swift reveals intimate details of her personal life with behind the scenes with off stage and onstage concert footage. Taylor talks about shedding her good-girl image and breaking rules in the industry.

      taylor swift

      Review: Taylor Swift in the Netflix documentary, talks about 'loving glitter' and still be able to address the serious matters of the society which also affect her deeply. Miss Americana is about how she is thankful for the love that keeps her going and also about the haters who make her want to do better.

      The Netflix documentary starts with Tay Tay playing the piano in her house, as one of her cats, Benjamin Button, is playing around her. The sweet moment sets the tone for the rest of the runtime. It is not about the bad blood, or to throw some shade on others, but about Swfit and the positivity, she has chosen to embrace.

      Taylor then can be seen talking to the camera and sharing anecdotes from her childhood diaries, which she started writing at the age of 13. Reading from one of the books she says, "My life, my career, my dream, my reality." over the year, it seems to have come true for the 30-year-old singer. Swift also shares the moral code that she has tried to live by and will continue to go so as, 'the need to be thought of as good.'

      Throughout the documentary, we get to see several clips and footage for Taylor in her career, from back when she wasn't known and when she started to garner fame. In a narrative style, she often talks to the interviewer and camera, or with a voice-over, sharing her thoughts about the previously shot clips.

      While addressing her younger days as an artist, she revealed feeling only fulfilled and happy with the praises and cheers of her audience. But soon enough it started to feel wrong and empty. From a child who lived for the pats on her back, Tayor has come far and become a woman who makes her own rules and truly embraces herself.

      taylor swift

      While Miss Americana starts with Taylor's struggle with herself, the industry, the pressure to put good music, it ends with a broader perspective that she earned with over the years. She now chooses to be on the right side of the history, to make a meaningful change, to doing her best and giving her all.

      You don't get to see something new from the filmmaking perspective, but the home videos and interviewing style helps you connect with Taylor more. The BTS footage is just as fun to watch as her on-stage footage. We don't get to see much of her personal life including her cats and beau Joe Alwyn, the documentary sticks to Taylor's struggles with her public image, eating disorder and discrimination she has faced.

      Rather than love and controversies, we get to see her work hard, whether songwriting, shooting for the music videos or performing during concerts. Amid all the privilege, we still managed to see her struggle. She also justifies her privilege that have been hard-earned through her career.

      taylor swift

      Taylor is no more the puppet of a music industry, but a women ready to make her own decision and face the consequences head-on. The scene where Taylor can be seen crying while trying to convince the executives, why she should speak up about her political opinion really shows her spirit. After an outburst she just announces, "Dad, I just need you to forgive me for doing it, because I'm doing it,"

      Overall, Miss Americana is not just for the Swifties, it can be a mode of inspiration for who in need of it the most, during these troubled times.

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