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Jeevana Chaitra Story

Jeevana Chaitra tracks the life and times of Vishwanath, from his youth to the days of his jodi inamathi, when he becomes Jodidar Vishwanatha Raya to his end. Being an idle son, he traces Meenakshi (Madhavi) in a marriage. Meenakshi is enamoured towards Vishwanathm but fears that she is too poor to join ranks of Jodidar's. However, Vishwanath's father enquires into Meenakshi's family and accepts the marriage-proposal. Meenakshi and Vishwanath get married. Vishwanath takes over the mantle of Jodidar of Simhaadri and other 8 villages from his father and tries to better the lives of his 8 villages.

He fights illiteray, liquor racket and other social evils, in order to help villagers.

The smooth going life is made rich by 3 sons, Meenakshi delivers. In the comic part of movie, Putta Joisa enters the family as a priest. Caught when trying to steal gold from Jodidar's home, he pleads guilty. Vishwanath, with kindness gives him money and asks to leave the village. He reasons that if any one learns that he has robbed Jodidar's, villagers are sure to kill him. Putta Joisa, leaves in tears, knowing that he does not deserve to be with Jodidar's.

The rift at the home begins, when Vishwanath's sons come of age.

A happy man, Vishwanath creates a will dividing his assets among his sons and leaves to a higher calling. Last scene shows Vishwanath ascending a hill, far away from Simhaadri.

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