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10 Aug 2007

Manmatha Story

Manmatha in this movie Putswamy (Jaggesh) is in an awkward position of hunch back, twisted legs, buck tooth, black complexion and irregular hair style. He owns a telephone booth and he is very conscious about beauty. His inner beauty is to do good for the people and be sincere. He is looking for a match and very particular about a very beautiful girl for his status. One dwarf lady opens his mind and Putswamy stops looking for his match in life. Around this time he finds blind Lakshmi (Gurlin Chopra).

Lakshmi has come to town to earn livelihood with her brother by doing road side circus. Putswamy is attracted towards this girl and provides all help for her in life.

In another side of the story is Soorya (Jaggesh again) son of constable in love with Inspector's daughter Priya (Gurlin Chopra again). In the rich and poor barricade and wordy dual Priya and Soorya decide to elope and marry. At the time of running away it is Vasu (Bobby) who comes as a demon. Vasu has enmity with Priya daughter of an inspector and Soorya. Priya is pushed from a height and she is dead. From this dead Priya the eyes are removed and transplanted to Lakshmi who looks like Priya. The problem starts now for Putswamy. Soorya wants Lakshmi because she has the eyes of his deceased lover.

Putswamy hit badly in luck faces another hardship from Vasu who comes from the prison on bail. Lakshmi sensing all problems to handicap Putswamy decides to marry him. Soorya now emerges and kills Vasu makes way clear for Putswamy and Lakshmi.

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