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6-5=2 (Six Minus Five Equals Two) Movie: Reel or Real Story?

By Sandesh
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    Sandalwood's recent release 6-5=2 (six minus five equals two) has become a topic of discussion among the moviegoers. The movie, which was released on November 28, got mixed response.

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    The crew had claimed that the movie 6-5=2 is just the edited footage of the video, which was shot by Late Ramesh. It is said that the plot is based on the real life story of six youths, who are enthusiastic and plan trekking in the forest near Mysore.

    Ramesh, who will be interested in cinematography plans to shoot the trekking experience along with his friends - Naveen, Prakash, Kumar, Deepa and Sowmya. People, who watched the movie on silver screen is still in dilemma, whether the shown video is a real footage or it was re-shot with the influence of the real story.

    Few audience also claimed that 6-5=2 is the adaptation of the 1999 English horror movie The Blair Witch Project, which was directed by Eduardo Sanchez and Daniel Myrick. Though, the movie was fictional it was presented as if it depicted real events, and popularised this style of horror movie. The film relates the story of three student filmmakers, who disappeared while hiking in the Black Hills near Maryland in 1994 to film a documentary about a local legend known as the Blair Witch.

    Continue reading the audience comments (posted on Facebook page - I Love Bangalore), where they are still confused over the movie if it's real or reel...

    Vedhanth Gowda

    Its relly fake,bcz tr is no gosts in the nature ,if gosts r tr god must be tr nd he wnt to help tem atleest he fight against the ghosts,Tats way tis story is not real nd one thing in tis world tr is no god nd no gosts, i dont believe in tis.

    Arun Gowda

    yes!! film team did great job bcz no one knows whn it was shooted no one knows about actors,actors are did great job,still no one knows who is directer,wow!! what a direction...big sleut for actor bcz we can't find fake from their acting......and finally big thing is they still keep d suspence from media.

    Vinutha Gowda

    Yes its a real incident... n they hav got d video tape too.. but they hav re shoot it I spoke to d concerned person n he said this!

    Srikanth Daaldur

    Its real, the ghost videos shown, few are original from the Ramesh's camera but those ppl are not same, they are actors
    1- thigane's dialogues are so funny and its 100% movie dialogues
    2- after they leave the guest house , will the battery of the camera stays for 3 continuous days?? (shooting+lighting even at nights)
    3- Those girls looks like actores, nd in films there will be hero and heroin same way here also
    4-that tree in the middle (no1 ll try to put tent near such trees
    5- He took burude in his bag till the top

    Yogee Raghavendra

    Incident is real but it's edited to make it more horrific...

    Yathindra Achar

    Its not real. bt who cares!! cos dey wanted a publicity... its ok ..but d way dey have presented it is jus fantastic.gr8 editing.

    Vishwas Shastry

    Itz Not fake.... If dis movie comes in English or acted by a big superstar frm kannada industry .. No contraversy wud happens itseems..!! Soo pls support them n Encourage them...

    Yateesh Sindoori

    Omg!!! so much discussion ya! Ppl hav taken this movie too seriously!! But worth d money u pay!..screenplay is good:)",

    Mona Shari

    6-5=2 is such a wondrful movie...really gud experince while watching dis movie in rockline cinemas...

    Santosh Ramesh

    Only the incident is real! But ppl who died in the incidwnt died maybe coz they lost their route in the forest and lost everything else. Ghost eh?? U gotta be kidding It's a "lost & found tape" genre movie. It's not real! There are hell lot of clues in the movie itself! No one can sleep wen their life's under threat! But overall , it's a splendid movie and a great effort.

    Vikram Vicky Suryavanshi

    I think its real video but it edited some scenes overall very nice movie i like it.

    Avinash CN

    Well sorry to burst ur bubble.. this isn't a true story.. this is truely fictional cinema and the main idea originates from the move "blair witch project".. the main hero is my frenz brother.. so guess this comment is from a trusted source.. however no credits off the movie and cast.. brilliant no nonsense movie.. we hardly get to watch such movies in Kannada nowadays.. so enjoy the movie guys and keep spreading the word

    Raghu Ram

    it is 100 % fake one !!! may be a created one based on true incident but those ppl r actors n no doubt in that ...the only thing i dint like is, the director making audience fools saying it is real video shot by late ramesh ...how cud he say that n cheat us ?

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