Pawan Kumar Clarifies Speculations Regarding His Opinion On Dubbing


    Pawan Kumar took to his social media page to clarify things related to his opinion on dubbing other language movies in Kannada. Here is what Pawan had to say:

    "This whole Jungle Book debates have made me see two kinds of people.. First, the ones who are anti dubbing.. and hence to support their ground will come up any sort of lies and personal accusations (Towards me and the other supporters) to make themselves and their circle of friends feel right.

    Pawan Kumar

    Second, are those who are pro dubbing and feel that their way of doing things is the ONLY right way to do it. And they too will again get pretty personal and make strong remarks.

    Amidst all these ego issues, some see that I am talking about Jungle book bcoz I want to promote my new film (I will not use the name, so that I don't end up being accused for promoting it now). Errrrrr.... Sad.. Those who have those doubts... Dig into my timeline on FB... u will see I have spoken about it even when I had no project in hand.

    Its a coincidence that my film and this issue has come up at the same time. Infact I should have been ANTI everything bcoz my film release is delayed bcoz of Jungle book and Fan... BUT YOU SEE.. I face competition... I play it by the market rules and not through BANS and FANATICISM.

    I get nothing for myself by having Jungle book dubbed in Kannada. In 90's... my dad showed me The Jurassic Park and Titanic in Hindi bcoz I'd not understand the English accent, and as child I was immersed in that experience of watching that film and also being able to understand the lines.... the adult concerns of lip sync etc etc didnt matter to me one bit... I was not eve aware of it. I just wish that there was an option to watch it in Kannada then... and I wish there is something atleast now.

    It is these classic films that open our mind.... up the standards of what a good film viewing experience is... then we will start working towards it and expecting it."

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