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Arakshaka - Movie Review

By: By: Prakash Upadhyaya
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Upendra's Arakshaka is a movie that keeps you guessing till the end. Like a complex puzzle, the psychological-murder mystery is intricately constructed and it makes you reassess the happenings every now and then. With a strong subject backed by tremendous performance from the Real Star, the film comes as a welcome change for the audience.

IPS officer Arun Kumar arrives to a mental asylum to investigate the disappearance of Stephen Raj (Adhi Lokesh) and to crack a murder mystery. The cop believes that the hospital authorities headed by Sayaji Shinde is letting Stephen to hide in the hospital and they are not revealing the full truth. Arun is desperate to catch him because he suspects Adhi has kidnapped his beloved wife Catherine (Sada).

The medical institution allows him to stay in the hospital in order to support his investigation and sends Maya (Ragini Dwivedi) to help him in his mission. As he collects the clues and unravel a network of lies, the audience will witness sharp twists and turns, which will end with a stunning climax.

P Vasu's script is the hero of the film, as it successfully creates suspense, sets authentic mood and makes you sit on the edge of the seat for the most part of the movie. Arakshaka is a terrifically well-made product and the filmmaker, who delivered psychological-thriller blockbuster like Aapthamitra, has given a wonderful film in the same genre again.

Upendra does a one man show in Arakshaka with his resilient performance. His acting during the grief and while expressing his mental anguish are absolutely top notch. Adding to that he surprises you with his dancing moves. He looks young and energetic. Ragini Dwivedi is glamorous like before, and she has done justice to her role. Sada, though it was said that she was the main female lead, has got very small role. Comedian Sharan successfully brings a lot of funny moments in the film. Rest other characters like Seetha, Sayaji Shinde are okay. Technically, Gurkiran's two songs are excellent. PKH Das' cinematography is not up to the mark, Suresh Urs' editing is okay and Different Danny's stunts are good.

The movie has minor glitches. The first half is not crisp and the flow in the story is uninteresting at parts, however, these errors are ignorable due to the brilliantly constructed second half.

Verdict: Arakshaka is the best suspense-thriller made in the Kannada film industry in the recent years. One should watch it without knowing the story and about the characters of the film to enjoy the thrilling moments.

Cast: Upendra, Sada, Ragini Dwivedi, Sharan, Sayaji Shinde, Seetha and others
Director: P Vasu
Music Director: Gurukiran
Cinematography: PHK Das
Editor: Suresh Urs
Producer: Krishna Prajwal
Released on: January 26

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