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Atheetham Story

Atheetham movie tells the story of Anandan (Rahul Iswar) who is a young man who is the disciple of a very learned Guru (Datha Threya ). The guru who is proud of Anandan, decides to confer upon him the status of a monk and begins preparations for that.

At almost the same time, Raghavan, who is the brother of Kumaran (Manikantan ) and a friend of Anandan and works as a ferryman, is killed in Police custody, as a consequence to some developments in which Shekharan Nambiar, a money lender who extorts money from the poor, has a key role to play.

Anandan finds himself unable to do anything to help his friend Kumaran. He discusses the matter with his guru, but his answers don't satisfy him.

In the meantime, Anandan comes to learn about some activists and their activities through Kumaran, and he longs to join the movement. Though his guru is reluctant to let him go, he later yields to Anandan's wishes and gives him permission to leave the ashram. And thus begins a new journey in the life of Anandan.

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