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Georgekutty C/O Georgekutty Story

Georgekutty C/O Georgekutty movie is all about relation between the Son- in- law (Jayaram) and the Father-in-law (Thilakan) George Kutty (Jayaram) who is a hard working student, who graduated with top rank in college as an engineer. His family which was once rich , is burdened in debt. His father meets with Chandi (Jagathi) a marriage broker who proposes a match for Georgekutty with a rich family , but they would have to lie a little about their economic status. George Kutty resists first , but pressure from his dad who sees the marriage as a way to get money to payback the family debts , he agrees.

Unfortunately the father in law(Itichen) finds out the truth about the family and confronts them. Though Itechan is very angry he agrees to the wedding since he already planned the wedding as a way to showoff to his enemies. He makes Georgekutty and his family agree to certain terms for the wedding to take place including that Georgekutty and his wife have to stay in their house with them. After the wedding Georgekutty sees that he and visiting family and friends are disrespected , and that he is controlled and held like a prisoner at Itechan's house. Georgekutty comes up with a plan to get back at his father in law which forms rest of the movie.

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