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15 Dec 2006

Notebook Story

Notebook movie revolves around Sooraj (Skandhan ), Pooja (Parvathi), Sree Devi (Maira), Saira (Roma),Anna and Firoz (Mejo) who are students of the 12th standard at Lord's Academy in Ooty. Although they come from different family backgrounds - Sarah from a broken home, with her separated parents (Aishwarya and Suresh Gopi), Sridevi, from a happy close-knit family, with her parents (Sukanya and Prem Prakash) doting on her, and Pooja, a day scholar living near the school with her mother (Seeta), whom the threesome depend on, when they have problem between themselves. But on other issues, they believe in solving the problems by themselves.

Sreedevi falls in love with a schoolmate, Sooraj Menon (Sooraj). Though hesitant at first, Saira and Pooja approve their love after being convinced of Sooraj's sincerity. During an excursion to Goa, Sreedevi and Sooraj engage in sex, and eventually she becomes pregnant, much to the shock of Sarah and Pooja, and moreover herself. They keeps the news to themselves, fearing the wrath of Sreedevi's parents; even Sooraj is kept in the dark, fearing that the news may leak out. They decide to go for an abortion in a small hospital near their school.

During the Founder's Day celebrations at the school, the trio sneaks out of the campus, and reaches the hospital. Pooja keeps watch outside the hospital while Sarah and Sreedevi go in and they convince the gynaecologist for an abortion, by telling several lies, including that Sreedevi had been raped. During abortion, Sreedevi suffers excessive blood loss and dies. Saira and Pooja flee the hospital in terror and return to school. However, they are summoned to the principal's office the next day, and the doctor who came to the school as a part of enquiry identifies Sarah. Sarah confesses that the rape story was a lie and Sreedevi actually had sex with somebody she loves, but she maintains she don't know who that is. Pooja, who considers her future as important, distances herself from the whole episode, leaving Sarah embarrassed and angry.

The principal, who is concerned about the status of the school presses for not registering a police case, and dismisses Sarah from the school. Pooja, now ashamed and disturbed of what she did, tries to apologize to Sarah, but meets with hostility. Pooja loses her mental stability, unable to take the pressure of having lost two best friends together---one to death and the other to her opwn betrayal.

Years later, on Sarah's graduation day, she receives a letter that claims to be from Sreedevi. The letter informs her that Pooja was in a mental asylum for 6 years, and she needs Sarah's company. Sarah, returning to Ooty, finds out that Pooja has been discharged from mental hospital. They realise how much they missed each other and return to their school campus to a tree they had planted years ago.

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