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Oru Minnaminunginte Nurungu Vettam Story

Oru Minnaminunginte Nurungu Vettam movie is all about Ravunni Nair Master (Nedumudi Venu) and Saraswati Teacher (Sharada) are an odd couple. While the 65 year old Ravunni has retired for over 5 years, Saraswati is now 60 and has just retired from her post as a primary school teacher at the local government school. Having married late (well into their 40s), they don’t have any children and spend most of their time in each other’s company.

An old family friend turns up and requests the couple to allow his daughter Maya (Parvathi) to stay with them while she attends the local college in their area. Maya’s mother is no more and her father is an arrogant womanizer who doesn’t much care for her, she inevitably grows close to her new guardians and the three become like a small family. For the childless Ravunni and Saraswati – Maya fills a deep emotional void, she is like a daughter they never had. One day, a young man Ravi (Devan) turns up to ask for Parvathi’s hand in marriage, Ravi and Maya have known each other for some time and since he is soon going off to the US soon, they want to get married at the earliest. Convinced that Ravi is indeed the right man for Maya, Ravunni and Saraswathi help them get married, and after a week’s time Ravi leaves for the US alone, since it will still be a while before Maya’s passport and visa comes through.

Meanwhile Maya gets pregnant, Ravunni and Saraswathi are overjoyed by the news, both of them have no knowledge of bringing up children but are completely involved in supporting Maya’s pregnancy in every way that they can. On hearing about his wife’s pregnancy, Ravi too returns from the US for a few days in time for the delivery. Maya has a caesarian and delivers a baby boy, but due to complications she doesn’t survive the operation. Ravunni and Saraswathi volunteer to bring up Maya and Ravi’s child, while Ravi returns to the US.

As time flies by, the child is now an inextricable part of the old couple’s lives, their day begins and ends around the little boy. His little pranks, games and conversations are what bring joy to their isolated lives. 5 years later Ravunni receives a letter from the US, it’s Ravi – he is returning to Kerala for a few days and wants to take his son back with him. Heartbroken Ravunni and Saraswathi try to reason out as to why the child should continue to stay with them, but they realize that they cannot argue with the child’s father who has complete rights over him. Ravi finally arrives to take his child back to the US, Ravunni and Saraswathi cannot bear to see their little one being taken away and lock themselves up in a room. The little boy realizes that he is being taken away from his ‘grandparents’ and cries for them as he is put into a taxi. The child’s helpless cries bring the old couple out of their room, they rush out only to see the back of the taxi receding away.

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